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Developer Services higher standards achieved

The water industry is helping to speed up the building of new homes by meeting its recently introduced standards for providing a range of services to developers over 95% of the time.

Following the introduction in April 2015 of 24 different standards for water and sewerage services there has been a constant improvement in performance across the board.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of Water UK, said: “Water companies recognise the importance of providing developers with speedy responses to their infrastructure requests and are continually improving their performance.

“In the first nine months of monitoring we have seen a significant increase in delivery against a range of targets and deadlines with overall performance increasing from 89% to 96% for water supply and from 94% to 98% for sewerage.

“This is a tangible demonstration of the industry’s contribution to the Government’s commitment to speed up house building across the UK.”

The full set of figures cover 15 water supply and 9 sewerage performance targets for a range of services including enquiries, quotations, connections, design, construction and adoption of developer laid assets across England and Wales.

Developer Services latest report