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Building resilience

Infrastructure health in the water sector

Cragside sewer overflow

The water sector is coming together to tackle the challenges posed by climate change and population growth – to ensure that the critical water supply, waste and treatment assets we all depend on are resilient to future risks and continue to support safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable water services for customers in England and Wales.

Led by a steering group of water companies, Water UK, Ofwat and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, this collaborative project is identifying critical elements of a new regulatory framework for measuring, managing and funding asset maintenance.

The project is supported by the consultants Reckon and Jacobs, with the aim of looking at different approaches and metrics, informed by good practice in the water sector and beyond – including the water sectors in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the energy sector in Great Britain. This project aims to inform decisions relating to the next price review in England and Wales, expected in 2029.

This work builds on some of the thinking that informed Ofwat’s Future Ideas Lab for the 2024 price review (PR24), as well as previous industry studies into asset health, operational resilience and capital maintenance.

On 21 May 2024, the sector held an event bringing together water companies, regulators, government officials and consumer representatives to hear about different approaches and discuss the initial findings from Reckon and Jacobs. 

Provide your views

Please provide your views on the policy packages developed by the project. 

Please respond by 21 June 2024.

Read the background briefing, and accompanying material:


Building resilience – infrastructure health in the water sector: agenda and briefing (Affinity Water, Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water and Wessex Water)

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Improvements to the regulatory framework for asset health and operational resilience: main report – working draft (Reckon)

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Building Resilience: infrastructure health in the water sector: Briefing Slides for 21 May (Jacobs)

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Next steps

The next phase of this project will continue to collect views from many stakeholders and build out potential policy reforms. The project’s governance will need to evolve as we approach the next price review, expected in 2029.

By working together, we can meet the future challenges facing the sector.