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For contact details of your local water and wastewater suppliers, see the links below the map.

Water only companies

(see below for water and wastewater companies and other local suppliers that cannot be shown on this size of map)

  1. Affinity Water
  2. Bournemouth Water
  3. Bristol Water
  4. Cambridge Water (South Staffs)
  5. Cholderton and District Water
  6. Dee Valley Water
  7. Essex & Suffolk Water (Northumbrian)
  8. Hartlepool Water (Anglian)
  9. Portsmouth Water
  10. South East Water
  11. South Staffs Water
  12. Sutton and East Surrey Water

Water and wastewater companies

Local water and wastewater companies

(with areas served too small to show on this map)

Water supply licensees

The economic regulators for water, Ofwat (England and Wales) and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), also license companies to supply water or wastewater services to non-household customers. Market reform is opening up more opportunities for competition among business customers in the UK. Competition in Scotland was opened up under the Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005.

Lists of suppliers currently granted licences are provided on the Ofwat and WICS websites.

Water supply licensees (Ofwat)

Water supply licensees (Scotland)

  • Vulnerable customers

    Water and energy companies are working together to ensure their customers in vulnerable circumstances get faster and easier access to the information and support they need.

  • Couple doing paperwork

    Customers who need extra help will, from April, get a more streamlined service from water and energy companies making it easier to get help and stay safe at home.