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Water companies understand that some of their customers are facing cost-of-living pressures. This is why the industry spends millions of pounds every year to give struggling households money off their water bills and offers a wide range of extra support and advice measures.

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Drinking water in the UK is among the very best in the world and any further EU intervention could lead to unnecessary extra costs to customers, says Water UK.

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The latest data on complaints from CC Water is great news as it shows companies’ hard work to drive service improvements is leading to better outcomes for customers.

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Water companies are playing a key role in ensuring the quality of water around Britain’s coasts remains consistently high.

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    Customers struggling to pay their bills should speak to their company to find out the range of help they have available.

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    When companies invest for the future, they can defer - but not avoid - corporation tax due to the tax relief on capital allowances.

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    Prices for 2015-20 are being considered for all the UK, with prices in England and Wales being set in mid-December 2014.

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    Find out how to protect the pipes in your home in freezing weather and who to call if the worst does happen.