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Water and sewerage bills will fall after April 2015 and even more help will be available for customers struggling with cost of living pressures.


The European Commission is to start a review of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). It is looking increasingly uncertain that any member state will be able to achieve good status in all water bodies by the 2015 deadline and significant use of exemptions and changes to other measures are required.

The water industry and other stakeholders continue to work together to support the implementation of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), but a number of issues remain to be resolved.

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The water sector has provided the first of a package of measures to help developers build more quickly the new homes that are so urgently needed.

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The UK water industry is fully committed to delivering essential infrastructure and supporting the government's National Infrastructure Plan. However, water supply and availability needs to be at the heart of our decision-making for communities, businesses and agriculture - we can no longer just assume water will be there when and where we need it.

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    When companies invest for the future, they can defer - but not avoid - corporation tax due to the tax relief on capital allowances.

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    Prices from 2015 have been set in England, Wales and Scotland and price-setting in Northern Ireland is ongoing.

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