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Water companies are already working with all the sector’s stakeholders to deliver a choice of water supplier for all business, public sector and charity customers in England from April 2017.

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Water UK is delighted to announce that Independent Water Networks Limited (IWNL) has joined as a new member. IWNL provides water and sewerage services to both residential and business customers on new-build housing developments across the UK.

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Water companies have been contributing expertise and perspectives to inform the debate on the future of water, in partnership with all the sector's stakeholders. No one organisation has all the answers, so Water UK is hosting a marketplace of ideas, where water companies have been setting out their thoughts.

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Following an initiative from government late last year, the water sector was quick to establish a scheme to compare companies’ performances relating to delivery of infrastructure. The second performance report was published in October. Related further initiatives include the industry’s own system for measuring customer satisfaction, planned for launch in 2016, and an overhaul of the charging regime made possible by Water Act 2014.

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The Water UK Innovation Hub earlier this month brought together water companies, regulators and stakeholders to share insights, best practice and new ways to collaborate on tackling consumer vulnerability.

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