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Many commentators have pointed out that, despite the rise of the Green Party as a force in national politics, the environment has not been a mainstream issue during this election campaign. At a time of austerity, it’s argued, voters see concern about environmental issues as a marginal issue, which pales into insignificance compared to worries about jobs, homes and health. And yet the predictions are more alarming than ever.

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Water bills on average comprise less than 1% of household expenditure, and water companies continue to help all hard-pressed UK households by charging stable and affordable prices.

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The Water UK Innovation Hub on Tuesday 16 June will explore the challenges of resilience, providing an opportunity to participate in a high level exchange of ideas with sector leaders and stakeholders.

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From this month, nearly all water companies will have tariffs in place to help customers who are struggling to pay, to reduce their bills.

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    Water and sewerage bills will fall after April 2015 and even more help will be available for customers struggling with cost of living pressures.

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    Water customers in England and Wales can go to an independent adjudicator if their complaint has not been resolved by their water company and after intervention from the...

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    Landlord TAP is an easy to use website that allows all landlords and managing agents of properties in England and Wales to provide water companies with details of those...

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    The ability to attract long-term investment is vital if the water sector is to continue to deliver excellent services and meet future challenges. The next five years will see...