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adjudicator holding papers - concept crop

Water customers in England and Wales can now go to an independent adjudicator if their complaint has not been resolved by their water company and after intervention from the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater).

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From this month, nearly all water companies will have tariffs in place to help customers who are struggling to pay, to reduce their bills.

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Regulations under the Town and Country Planning Act that will make water companies statutory consultees for fracking were laid before Parliament last week and are due to come into force in mid-April.

wet wipes

A recent report by the Marine Conservation Society on wet wipes on beaches revealed the problems with wipes and other sanitary products being flushed down the loo.

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    Water and sewerage bills will fall after April 2015 and even more help will be available for customers struggling with cost of living pressures.

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  • sald being washed in a bowl

    The water industry funds Waterwise, an organisation set up to help us all use the water we need without wasting water we don't need.