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The latest data on complaints from CC Water is great news as it shows companies’ hard work to drive service improvements is leading to better outcomes for customers.

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Customers struggling to pay their bills should speak to their company to find out the range of help they have available. Water UK wholeheartedly supports CCWater’s call for customers who are struggling with their water bills to contact their company for help.

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Ofwat’s announcement today is a key milestone in the Price Review process. Water companies will be looking closely at the details of what Ofwat has published and there is a lot of information for companies to work through.

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The quality of the water we drink and use for washing and cleaning in our homes has got even better, according to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

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'Tapping into growth: economic impact of the water and sewerage sector in the UK' sets out how water companies are supporting economic growth in the UK.

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    Although water bills comprise less than 1% of household expenditure, water companies continue to help all hard-pressed UK households by charging stable and affordable prices....

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    Prices for 2015-20 are being considered for all the UK, with prices in England and Wales being set later this year.

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    Water companies prepare WRMPs that look ahead 25 years or more. Planning now covers the period 2015-2040 and company plans are linked below.

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    The UK water industry provides clean and safe drinking water for homes and businesses to over 63 million people. In addition, the industry collects, treats and disposes of...