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Become a rep

As a water industry professional you can use your expertise and broaden your experience, nationally and internationally, by representing the water industry in standards development. Representation on standards committees brings benefits to you and your organisation.

Standards reps from the water industry and the supply chain make major contributions to the drafting of standards, mainly through membership of British Standards Institution (BSi) committees and in Europe (CEN). Such standards are used every day in the purchasing of products and services throughout the water industry and are essential to the supply of good quality, cost-effective goods and services.

The role of rep normally involves attendance at committee meetings, the review of papers and contributions to the development of standards. Reps are fully supported by policy advisers and topic advisers within the Standards Programme.

Professional practice

  • Help steer the content of standard(s) on which you work
  • Develop experience working with others on standards committees
  • Experience the standards and industry working practices of other countries and compare them with UK practice
  • Develop work that is recognised by many professional bodies as contributing to Continuing Professional Development
  • Bring your company or authority a discount on their annual subscription to the Water UK Standards Programme