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Water asset adoption

Water Adoption Code-latest documents

Following the second consultation on water companies’ proposals to meet the requirements of Ofwat’s code on water adoption agreements, this page contains the recommendation made to Ofwat on 7 October 2019 and all the supporting documentation namely:

1 Water sector guidance

2 Procedures

3 Design and Construction specification (DCS)

4 Minimum Information requirements

5 Model Water Adoption Agreement

6 Levels of Service and reporting requirements

7 Terms of reference for water code panel


We are also providing an Excel spreadsheet showing all the comments made in response to the Water UK consultation and how these have been dealt with in the recommendation submitted on 7 October.


Following the submission on 7 October, Water UK has subsequently written to Ofwat in connection with the timetable for Ofwat’s approval processes.  Here is the text of that communication:

“We discussed the current position on the water documentation at the IPG this week and there continues to be strong support for the principle of introducing the new regime with effect from April next year with other items being deferred for consideration by the panel.  Members consider that good progress has been made and are very willing to engage in further work after implementation in order to improve the regime.

We also discussed the potential timescale for the new regime to be introduced.  I know that you have offered to let us have your comments by the end of November or in early December.  The point was made that whilst this timetable should allow enough time for implementation by the companies, if further substantial work is needed at that point, it is highly unlikely that companies would be able to meet the April deadline.  A large number of companies view three months as the minimum time needed for implementation, taking account of both internal work such as on systems and training and external communications with customers.

Against that background, it would be very helpful if by the middle of November you were able to give us an indication of how your assessment was proceeding.  While we appreciate that Ofwat would not be able to commit itself, if by that stage you have concluded that there remain significant problems to be resolved or indeed that approval (subject perhaps to some minor changes) was likely to be forthcoming, this would be useful information for the companies and would permit them to organise their workloads in the most efficient way.”