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Water asset adoption

Documents submitted to Ofwat in connection with future water asset adoption arrangements.

Following comments from Ofwat and engagement with stakeholders in early June, Water UK has undertaken a thorough review of the current documentation in order to respond to the issues that have been raised.  As this review has been more in-depth than we initially anticipated, it has taken longer to complete the work than we initially indicated.

We have in particular been exploring how to respond to requests for a defined delivery date for the final connection to the network and whether the procedures documentation can be simplified.  Our initial conclusion is that these flowcharts should only deal with the period prior to the adoption agreement being entered into.  After that point, the provisions of the contract will take precedence and we will instead of the detailed flowcharts look to provide a simplified statement showing the overall process.

We are envisaging overall a three week delay before the revised documentation is submitted to Ofwat.  The revised submission date is now 30 August 2019.  A spreadsheet showing the activities that are being undertaken in order to meet this date is set out below.