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Leakage is one of the industry’s top priorities, and companies are using new techniques to find and fix more leaks.

There are almost half a million kilometres of water pipes running under the ground in the UK, taking treated water to homes all over the country.

When leaks do occur, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint them and fix them quickly without causing major disruption to local communities. However, the industry has reduced leakage levels by a third since the 1990s, and water companies in England have just committed to reducing leakage by a further 16% by 2025.

This reduction will be enabled by new resources and techniques such as satellite imaging, drones, and even acoustic equipment to find and fix more leaks.

A Leakage Routemap to 2050

The Leakage Routemap sets out how water companies in England plan to significantly reduce leakage by 2050.

The ambitious Routemap provides a framework for companies to meet their commitment to triple the rate of leakage reduction by 2030 and halve leakage by 2050. The 2030 target was set out in the the 2019 Public Interest Commitment while the 2050 pledge has been endorsed by the National Infrastructure Committee.