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Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans

Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans are the new way for organisations to work together to improve drainage and environmental water quality.

To find out more, and how to get involved in and benefit from Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans, have a look at this overview.

The full details of the technical framework for Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans can be found in this main report and six appendices:

These reports were originally published in September 2018 and were updated in May 2019, September 2019 and September 2021.

The framework was commissioned by Water UK in collaboration with Defra, Welsh Government, Ofwat, Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Consumer Council for Water, ADEPT and Blueprint for Water.

It provides the basis for more collaborative and integrated long-term planning by water companies, working with other organisations that have responsibilities relating to drainage, flooding and protection of the environment. It makes use of the tools and approaches below to enable investment to be targeted more effectively and provide customers and stakeholders with better information about the UK’s drainage and wastewater services.

Water and sewerage companies in England and Wales will publish draft Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans using this framework in the summer of 2022, to support their business plans for the 2024 Price Review. The framework is also expected to be of relevance to other parts of the UK.