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Future of the water sector

Drinking Fountain - Concept

Anglian WaterSevern Trent Water and Tideway have commissioned a report from First Economics on direct procurement of water industry projects. (March 2017)

Affinity Water has commissioned KMPG to identify potential new business models and new business activities that might emerge in the water and wastewater sectors now and in the future. (December 2016)

Severn Trent Water, Thames Water and United Utilities have considered the role that a System Operator could play in the water sector, reviewing experiences in other sectors and considering what water sector problems a System Operator might address and what forms it could take. (November 2017)

Yorkshire Water has worked with PwC to develop a range of scenarios for the long term future of the water sector, to stimulate discussion on the long term vision for the water sector. (May 2016)