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Analysing views on drinking water

The European Commission is considering whether or not to carry out a full review of the Drinking Water Directive. However, it is vital that new standards are not set without robust evidence to demonstrate that they are necessary.

In the latter part of 2014 the European Commission carried out a survey into perceptions of drinking water by European citizens.

The initial results, presented in December, showed general confidence in the quality, accessibility and affordability of drinking water in the EU.

While the full analysis is not yet available, the results highlight an opinion that standards should be set for new and emerging pollutants, even if this increases the price of water.

Our view is that no new standards should be set without a robust scientific evidence base to support such a move and that any decisions must take account of the impact on costs to customers.

The Commission is clearly going to have its work cut out as it considers whether or not to carry out a full review of the EU Drinking Water Directive. We expect this decision during 2015.

Revision of Annexes II and III of the Drinking Water Directive
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