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Get Winter Ready

It’s that time of year again – as the temperature drops, and the days get shorter there are things we can all do to ensure we stay warm and safe over the winter months.

Here are our top tips for protecting your home this winter.

Top Tips

  1. Check your pipes – insulate your pipes with lagging inside and outside your home and fix any drips. This will prevent your pipes from freezing.
  2. Central heating – get your boiler serviced before the cold weather arrives and be sure to bleed your radiators.
  3. Check your loft – check that insulation is in good condition and there are no leaks in your water tank. Consider lagging pipes in your loft too
  4. Outside your home – clear your gutters and drains to prevent blockages, and check for leaks
  5. Find your stop tap: You may need to turn off your water quickly in an emergency

Freeze / Thaw

In cold weather, your water pipes can freeze and then burst as they thaw, causing them to leak. This can be disruptive and expensive to repair

Taking simple steps such as insulating (lagging) pipes, bleeding radiators or locating your stop tap (also known as a stopcock or stop valve) will help ensure a trouble-free season.

Here to help

We know that the last thing anyone wants is to be worrying about their bills this winter, and there is unprecedented support available for those who need it. Water companies have a range of advice and tips available for customers on their website and Water UK has regularly updated guidance on its website. Anyone unsure who their water company is can use the Water UK postcode finder to find their supplier.

Who to call in an emergency

Inside your property

It’s always worth keeping the contact details of a reputable plumber on hand in case the worst happens. Use the WaterSafe website to find an industry-approved plumber in your area.

Outside your property

If you have a frozen or burst pipe outside your property boundary, your water company will be able to help.