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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Subscribe to the Water UK RSS news feed

Welcome to the Water UK RSS news feed.

Here you can subscribe to receive the latest Water UK news and policy as soon as it is published on this website.

RSS is not email, so it won't fill up your Inbox. Want to know more? Sign up below or read our introduction to RSS.

How to subscribe to the Water UK RSS news feed

The Water UK RSS news feed is offered through a Google-owned service called Feedburner. This makes it easy for people to subscribe to the feed.

Once you click on the Subscribe link below (or click on an orange RSS button anywhere on this website) you will be taken to a new page called Water UK RSS Feed and will see the following box:

From here you can choose how to get the news feed:

1 Via an internet browser-based service

The browser-based services are offered at the top click on one of these logo buttons to access a service you already use or to sign up to a new service.

    If you run the browser Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or earlier you will need to sign up to a browser-based RSS reader as IE6 does not work with the orange RSS button.

2 Via your own browser or your chosen RSS application

If you have your own RSS application or are running a browser that includes RSS (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and Apple Safari), simply click on the orange RSS button that sits in front of the words View Feed XML and you can add the Water UK feed to your setup. Please note: you can ignore the menu that asks you to '(Choose your reader)'.

Some software will then ask you to type in the URL (the web page address) of the feed in order to add the news feed to your reader.

The URL for the Water UK feed is:

Are you ready to subscribe to the Water UK news feed?

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Water UK news feed

Subscribe here

The content listed below is included in the Water UK RSS news feed.

Press releases
Latest news and events from Water UK on behalf of the water industry

Policy statements & responses
Input to national and European policy-making

Downloadable RSS applications

Water UK does not recommend any specific browser-based services or news reader applications. However, below are links to some RSS applications, for users who want to explore for themselves the types of software available to download.

Please note: you need to choose an application that will work with your operating system and setup.

For PC

For Mac

Add the news feed to your website

From the Water UK RSS feed page you can also embed the news feed on your own website using Springwidgets.

Email news for stakeholders

As well as the RSS news feed, Water UK publishes a monthly email newsletter. This provides a snapshot of news, comment and policy statements from the water industry. Find out more and subscribe at:
The View from Water UK

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