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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Waterfacts 2007

This area provides details of UK water operators and the organisation and structure of the industry. It also brings together water-related information from other sources on environment, water and sewerage bills, drinking water quality, domestic usage, rainfall and climate, regulation, and comparative data for Europe.
Links to other sites and sources are credited

UK water operators
Full details from the Links area of this site

Sustainability indicators for the UK water industry
Report of performance in 2005-06 pdf download (40pp)
Highlights (12pp)

Government e-digest of environmental statistics
Detailed information on water abstraction, supply and distribution in the UK and data relating to inland, coastal and marine waters

Financial performance and expenditure of the water companies
in England and Wales 2005-2006

Report by Ofwat, published September 2006 pdf download

Water and regulation
Factsheet from Ofwat, May 2006 pdf download

Water and sewerage charges 2006-07
Report from Ofwat, May 2006 pdf download

Security of supply, leakage and water efficiency
Ofwat report (2005-2006)
November 2006 pdf download

Drinking water quality annual report
Drinking Water Inspectorate report (2005) for England and Wales
web link

'The Environment in Your Pocket 2006'
Key facts and figures on the UK environment, published by Defra
7 September 2005

Rainfall and climate information
From the Met Office

Comparative information on water in Europe
EU data on water resources, abstractions, supply and wastewater

Water policy in the European Union
From the official EU online resource, Europa

Environmental data for Europe
From the European Environment Agency

Background information on the UK water industry

Water services in the UK
Overview and organisation

Development of the water industry in England and Wales
Link to Ofwat/Defra report 2006

How the industry is regulated
Finance and economic regulation; environmental regulation; drinking water quality; health and safety

Wastewater treatment and recycling pdf download

Management of sewage and sewage sludge
Sewage treatment processes; treatment of sludge

How water pricing levels are set

Water UK

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