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Looking after water in your home

Consumer guide to get the most from water at home

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Tap water in the UK is among the best in the world. It is worth looking after.

Unlike the frozen 'ready-meal' or new dress or suit, there are no care instructions supplied with water.

The industry's consumer guide Looking after water in your home shows how to keep water in top condition and avoid problems that can affect taste and quality.

The guide covers:

In the kitchen In the bathroom
Tap hygiene

Taste, odours and colour

In the roof Outside the home
Water storage

Roof tanks
Taps and hosepipes

Chemical spills



Top tips at home

Find out how to:

 • Turn off your water supply

 • Prepare for winter

 • Find an approved plumber

PLUS lots more:

 • Water filters, softeners and water hardness

 • Lead pipes

 • Responsibility for pipework

 • Domestic plumbing tips

 • Returning to a vacant property

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