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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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The UK water industry


The UK water industryAbout the industryOverview and industry data
The water companiesSuppliers by name and for each region
Our regulatorsPricing, environment, drinking water
Water research - UKWIRIndustry funded projects
Water efficiency(Waterwise efficiency marque)Waterwise
Find out more about this UK initiative that works to reduce water wastage
Briefings & position papers • European directives for water
 • Finance and investment
 • Flooding
 • Leakage
 • Metering
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The Waterfacts pages present an overview of the UK water industry and links to supporting information. Here you will find details of services, responsibilities, performance, regulation and development.

Providing water servicestap running waterDrinking waterQuality standards; annual reports; how water quality is assured; technical briefings; Water for Health one penny pieceWater pricesPrice of drinking water; water and sewerage bills; price-setting; customer representation; investment; affordability
waterfallWater resourcesSupply and demand; planning; development; demand management; metering; leakage control
wind turbinesClimate change
Impact upon water; how the industry is adapting; actions to mitigate; water industry position on climate change

Water at homeGuide to looking after water in your home

PublicationsReports, factsheets, briefings, guidance

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