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Sewerage Network Action Programme

About SNAP

The Sewerage Network Action Programme brings together water industry professionals and researchers who are committed to improving public awareness of the damage caused by ‘sewer abuse’ – the misuse of the sewerage network for disposal of non-sewage waste.

The Programme aims to promote understanding of the purpose and use of sewers and surface water (rainwater) drainage systems in an attempt to prevent sewer blockages and overload of the wastewater systems that cause flooding, environmental pollution and damage to the infrastructure and processing plants.

This includes information and best practice guidance on disposal of consumer products, FOG (fats, oils and grease), food and healthcare waste, the use of macerators and plumbing misconnections from homes. It also focuses upon the effects of non-trade effluents, such as building debris, currently released into sewers.

Many initiatives have already been launched locally by water and sewerage companies and nationally with the support of government and stakeholders through projects such as the ConnectRight campaign* to address plumbing misconnections from homes.

* The ConnectRight campaign brings together national stakeholders working in partnership to reduce water pollution: the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers, the Consumer Council for Water, Defra, the Environment Agency and Water UK.

ConnectRight aims to reduce water pollution by raising awareness and understanding of misconnections and the environmental problems caused by them, helping homeowners to address misconnections, with advice from their local water and sewerage company where needed.

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