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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Sewer Network Action Programme

Are you sewer aware?

The Sewer Network Action Programme (SNAP) shows why sewers and drains are designed for disposing of sewage and how using them properly protects health, property and the environment.

Fats, oils and grease
Food waste from pubs, restaurants and homes is choking the sewers
Non-flushable products
Most sanitary and healthcare waste should not be disposed of in the toilet
Sewerage systems were not designed to manage waste from these machines
Poor plumbing sends grey water and sewage to the natural environment

Everyone knows that an effective sewerage system is essential for a healthy society and a clean environment. But some people still use toilets, sinks and external drains as waste bins for food, fats, oil and solid items. This leads to blockages, local flooding and pollution.

NewsProtecting our sewers from non-flushable wipes and other products 09/05/14
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WaterSafe to increase consumer protection and improve plumbing standards 07/11/13
WaterSafe provides consumers with an easy way to find competent local plumbers to carry out work to water supply pipes...
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