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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Help with paying for water

Thames Water
0845 920 0800

Helpline for customers
Advice online
Advice for customers having difficulty paying

Help with arrears + affordability 
Charitable trust 
Thames Water Trust Fund
If you are facing hardship or financial difficulty, let Thames Water know straight away, by calling them on 0845 9200 888.

Please seek help from your local Citizens' Advice Bureau or Money Advice Centre.

You can also contact the Thames Water Trust Fund, which is an independent trust set up by Thames Water to help customers in financial difficulty. The Trust can be contacted at:

Thames Water Trust Fund
Sutton Coldfield B73 9PY
Tel: 0845 456 6863
Email: office@twtf.org.uk
Special tariffs 
WaterSure for those on certain income-related benefits and who either have three children under the age of 19 in full-time education and living in the property or use a lot of water due to a medical condition.
Payment methods + channels

Methods: Direct Debit, Online, Debit/Credit Card, Payment Card, Cheque, Bank Giro, Standing Order, Cash, Payment Card, Water Direct (through DSS Benefits)

Channels: Bank, Post Office, Paypoint Outlet, Online, Local Authority, Doorstep Call (in certain circumstances)


For customers who are in debt or worried about falling into debt and are having problems paying their water charges please contact Thames Water directly as we can help you.
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Thames Water
Customer Services

PO Box 391
Wiltshire, SN38 8TL
Tel: 0845 920 0800

Thames Water
Clearwater Court
Vastern Road
Berkshire RG1 8DB
Tel: 0118 373 8000

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