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The Bag It & Bin It campaign

Bag It & Bin It is a water industry-led national campaign to encourage people not to flush their discarded 'personal products' down the toilet.
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Sewers are designed to take away wastewater from sinks and baths, toilet paper and human waste flushed down the toilet, and rainwater which runs into road drains.
Sanitary items and other personal waste should be disposed of responsibly in the household waste bin or in the special bins in public toilets.
This is to protect our beaches, rivers and canals from unsightly products, avoid harm to the marine environment and our wildlife and prevent blockages in the sewerage system.
An estimated 2 billion sanitary protection items are flushed down toilets each year. Our sewers were not designed for this sort of waste so they suffer blockages in the pipes and treatment works and other problems.
Personal products should, for health reasons, first be placed in bags and then put in the bin.

These items and other 'personal products' should not be flushed down the toilet...
Cotton buds
Condoms and Femidoms
Tampons and tampon applicators
Sanitary towels, panty liners and backing strips
Facial and hand wipes
Cleaning wipes
Kitchen roll
Dental floss
Disposable nappies
Incontinence pads
Old bandages
Razor blades
Syringes and needles
Colostomy bags
Medicines and tablets
Other items such as food, plastics, chemicals, toilet roll inners, tights etc

Download the campaign logoBag It & Bin It logos are available here. Please feel free to use these to create your own signs or posters.

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