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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Statements & responses

Water UK consultation responses and statements of policy on behalf of the UK water industry are published here.

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Strategic Environmental Assessment for Further Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing
Water UK response to Department for Energy and Climate Change consultation
Abstraction reform - response to Defra consultation
Water UK response to Defra consultation 'Making the Most of Every Drop - Consultation on Reforming the Water Abstraction Management System'
Water UK comment on the National Infrastructure Plan
The Government's National Infrastructure Plan published today has highlighted the crucial contribution that investing in infrastructure will make to long term economic growth in the UK.
Water UK statement on water companies' PR14 business plans
Water companies have listened to their hard-pressed customers over the last year and looked to ensure their bills for 2015-2020 will be as low as possible, while also continuing to invest so customers can count on safe, reliable water and sewerage services.
Tackling bad debt within the water industry in Wales - response to Welsh Government
We agree with the analysis underlying the consultation, that the current situation regarding bad debt in the water industry is neither sustainable nor acceptable.
Water UK response to Secretary of State letter to company CEOs
It is understandable that the Secretary of State has written to water companies at a time when the economic downturn has affected household incomes.
House of Lords call for evidence - waste opportunities: stimulating a bioeconomy
Water UK is pleased to have the opportunity to provide written evidence as part of the inquiry into waste and the bio economy.
Water UK response to the European Commission's Consultation on Shale Gas
Water UK today submitted a response to the EU consultation on shale gas. The Water UK response focuses on concerns about impacts on water quality, water quantity, waste quality and impacts on infrastructure.
Displaying articles 1-10 of 268
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