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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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March 2011

Water UK strategy for an innovative water industry

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This paper summarises the Water UK strategy for an innovative water industry. This strategy identifies the challenges for the sector set within a longer-term regulatory framework, and includes the communication of the industry’s current innovation successes.

Current position

 •  The water industry has embraced innovation in all areas of its business activity. This has enabled the industry to meet efficiency, quality, environmental and regulatory targets as well as individual company visions and aspirations.

 •  The Strategic Direction Statements to lay out the direction of travel of companies, confirming their appetite for future development of innovative ideas and solutions. As a result of the nature of the industry’s environmental and public health challenges and some regulatory barriers, development of some of the most innovative ideas and solutions, have not been taken forward.

Our strategy

 •  to properly articulate and communicate the successes that have been achieved by water companies

 •  to work with regulators to deliver a framework that encourages greater innovation

 •  to engage with government and the Water White Paper to ensure that the role of innovation is at the heart of the vision for the future of the water sector

 •  to develop even closer relationships with the industry’s supply chain organisations in order to encourage and embrace innovation

 •  to work with UKWIR, research bodies and other platforms to leverage benefit from wider markets, both importing and exporting innovative ideas and solutions to support the industry’s aspirations.

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