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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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July 2009

A 3-part 'rough guide' to finance and investment in the water industry in England and Wales for policy-makers and commentators.

The 5-minute version: 3 minutes to read, 2 to reflect.

1) Priorities and prices

Water and sewerage services are vital to our well-being; so vital that society must be fully involved in setting priorities for those who provide them...

2) Why water services need so much investment

For much of the 20th century investment in water supply and sewerage, like other essential public services, was the minimum necessary to avoid service failure. In the past 20 years changing priorities about health and the environment, reflected in European Union directives, have led to urgent demands for improvement...

3) Customers and shareholders investing in improvement

As a result of high investment the water and sewerage service in England and Wales has improved a lot in a comparatively short time. Water bills have risen to pay for the investment without it bills would have fallen as the cost of providing the service has been reduced by gains in efficiency.

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