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Revision of Annexes II and III of the Drinking Water Directive

August 2012

As part of the cycle of regular review of European Directives DG Environment stated in February 2011 that there would be no overall revision to the Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC) (DWD). There is an opportunity for revisions to two of the annexes of the Directive, namely Annexes II (monitoring) and III (analytical specifications).

The revision process for these two Annexes is that the DWD Article 12 Committee (on which the UK is represented by DWI) will establish working groups to further develop the proposed changes based on an early draft (dated April 2012). These groups will be chaired by the EU Joint Research Centre and are expected to initially meet early October with a view to providing a further draft of the Annexes by the next meeting of the Article 12 Committee in January 2013. A final decision is expected in November 2013 with implementation to take place during 2014 or 2015.

The draft revisions are likely to be significantly modified during the process. However these have formed the basis on which the Water UK task and finish group have based their analysis and recommendations.

Water UK position paper

Water UK

Fri 22 Aug 2014, 18:40