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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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EU Policy

Water UK activity in Europe

During 2012 the European Commission carried out a fundamental review of EU freshwater policy to produce a Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s water.

A Water Blueprint - taking stock, moving forward

Blueprint for Water

The Blueprint was the convergence of three assessments:

 •  Assessment of first river basin management plans under the Water Framework Directive

 •  Review of the strategy for water scarcity and drought

 •  Assessment of the vulnerability of water and environmental resources to the impact of climate change and to man-made pressures

Fitness Check

The European Commission also started a new process called ‘Fitness Check’ as part of the EC smart regulation policy. Water policy was selected as a pilot area, to assess the effectiveness of the measures taken and feed into the Blueprint.

Water UK is actively engaged in representing the interests of its members in Europe, in particular through its participation in Eureau, the European association representing national associations of water and wastewater services companies. Water UK has a seat on the Board of Management of Eureau and has representatives on the key committees that carry out Eureau policy and technical work.

Representation in Brussels

In Brussels, Water UK has its own representation and has established relationships with European institutions, the Permanent UK Representation and with industry representatives active in Brussels.

Issues currently under discussion include CAP reform, flooding, water reuse, pesticides and biocides, priority substances, sludge, industrial emissions, climate change, shale gas, phosphates, radioactive substances and the European Innovation Partnership on Water.


EU Blueprint to safeguard Europe's waters

Water Blueprint
European Commission

Water Blueprint - EUREAU joins EC effort to better protect European water resources
Eureau statement


Evidence to House of LordsWater UK provided evidence to the House of Lords EU Committee, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment sub-committee, looking at EU freshwater policy

EU Freshwater Policy
UK Parliament website: House of Lords

November 2011
Water UK oral evidence
Water UK, Severn Trent and Thames Water gave oral evidence to the committee

August 2011
Water UK written evidence

EureauEuropean Federation of National Associations of Water and Waste Water Services
EU regulation
Updates published in the Water UK newsletter

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