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Tap water is top quality


The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) has today released a report that shows 99.96% of all tests carried out on tap water in England and Wales met the high standards set by national and European regulations.

Drinking Water 2006, the industry regulatorís annual national report, is based on approximately 4.5 million tests of drinking water taken over a one-year period. It provides data on company performance and summarises current and future research, confirming the massive improvement in drinking water quality since privatisation in 1989.

The report demonstrates that the quality of tap water in England and Wales is one of the highest in the world. Consumers can confidently turn on their tap and get a safe supply of healthy, refreshing water. Where quality falls short the report shows that consumers can be assured that mechanisms are in place to remedy problems. Companies and the DWI work together to identify and fix issues as they occur.

The water industry has invested more than £6.6 billion in improvements to treatment works and replacement or renewal of water mains since 2001 and the results shown in the report help to illustrate that the money has gone to very good use.

The national result of 99.96% is the same result as that achieved last year. As most test samples were taken from householderís taps, some of the small number of problems may be caused by household pipes and taps.

Companies have a key role to play here, along with the DWI and the Consumer Council for Water, to ensure that all consumers are adequately informed about their responsibilities and the need to maintain their own domestic plumbing systems. Water UK is now working with companies to produce information that will help customers care for water in the home.


Water UK facilitates Water for Health, an industry initiative that guides and informs health professionals, health authorities and consumers about the importance of water in a healthy diet.

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