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Olympics decision is boost for tap water


Free tap water will be available to all during the London 2012 Olympic Games, organisers have confirmed. This is excellent news for the health and enjoyment of both Olympians and visitors and a boost for the sustainability credentials of UK tap water.

The provision of tap water will vary from venue to venue depending on the type of infrastructure available, which will be reviewed through the planning processes.

As far as possible, events leading to the build-up of 2012 will also offer tap water.

Paul Deighton, Chief Executive of the London Organising Committee, said: It is our policy to ensure the provision of free drinking water to the public at Games venues.

UK tap water is among the best in the world. This is the result of sustained investment by water companies to ensure that quality and consistency meet the rigorous standards set by the EU Drinking Water Directive backed by the World Health Organization.

The most recent annual report from the Drinking Water Inspectorate shows that 99.96% of all tests carried out in England and Wales met the required standards.

Five years ago Water UK launched the Water for Health Alliance, a group of organisations that aims to influence government and health authorities policy and stimulate interest and research in the benefits of good hydration.

One of the Alliance's main objectives is to influence policy on provision of drinking water in public places.


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