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Timely review of water regulation


The decision to review Ofwat's role and remit is timely given changing demands on both companies and regulator.

In tough economic circumstances it is important to ensure that sectors responsible for core elements of the national economic infrastructure are well-regulated.

The improvements to water services in England and Wales since industry privatisation in 1990 are a matter of record. After two decades, it makes sense to ask if the regulator remains in good shape to build on its own, and the industry's, success.

The industry will be responding in due course to ministers' call for evidence. Among the questions it may consider are:

 •  Is economic regulation as efficient as it might be?

 •  Does Ofwat prioritise the real wishes of customers?

 •  Does existing regulation enable companies to be as effective as possible in meeting the requirements of their customers and their social/environmental obligations?

 •  Is Ofwat sufficiently aware of the needs of investors whose confidence in both regulator and companies has been an essential part of their success up to now, and will be no less vital to the industry's ability to meet future challenges?

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