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Rain, forward planning and low demand prompt restrictions lift


A combination of heavy rainfall, long-term planning and reduced customer demand has enabled the lifting of all temporary usage bans (TUBs) in the south east of England. The four remaining companies with restrictions in place – Sutton & East Surrey, South East Water, Veolia South East and Veolia Central – have reported a significant improvement in groundwater supplies, allowing them to lift their usage bans with immediate effect.

Nick Ellins, Water UK’s Drought Liaison Adviser, said:

“Water companies have step-by-step water Drought Plans and long term water resources plans to ensure public supplies are protected, but the combination of this careful planning, incredible levels of customer support and unprecedented rainfall has enabled the restrictions to be lifted.”

Last month was the wettest June on record, but while surface water supplies such as rivers and reservoirs were able to refill quite quickly, underground water supplies have taken longer to recharge. As part of their statutory planning process, water companies continue to develop a range of solutions to tackle the impact of the unprecedented weather conditions of the past 18 months – two dry winters, followed by extreme levels of rainfall. Although it is hoped that such solutions will not be required, by planning for the future, the water industry plays its part in securing our most precious resource for generations to come.

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Thu 31 Jul 2014, 18:33