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Drinking water quality and consumer confidence remains high


The latest report from the independent Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) has found that the quality of drinking water remained exceptionally high in 2011. Around two million samples were taken in England and Wales, with 99.96% meeting or exceeding the standards set by the DWI.

Water UK Policy Adviser Jim Marshall said:

“The quality and safety of our drinking water is the highest priority for the water industry, which is why companies continue to invest in these areas. The DWI’s findings show that this investment is well made, but the water industry is not complacent and continues to look for ways to raise the standard yet higher.”

This sentiment is also recognised by the DWI, which acknowledged that remedial action that has been taken or is planned to rectify the 0.04% of samples where standards were not met. In addition, this year’s DWI reports showed that there is greater consistency of quality performance across the UK, with the North West and Wales in particular reporting increases in compliance.

As well as indicating a continued level of safety of drinking water quality, the reports record a continued reduction in complaints by drinking water consumers.

DWI drinking water quality reports 2011

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