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The right reform at the right time – Water UK response to the Draft Water Bill


Water UK, the body representing all the major water and wastewater companies in the UK, has expressed its support for proposals published today in the Draft Water Bill. These proposals pave the way to allowing business customers and those within the public sector to choose their water supplier, as well as opening up the water sector to new companies.

Pamela Taylor, Chief Executive of Water UK, said of the proposals:

“Expanding the market and offering greater choice for business customers is the right reform at the right time. We already have experience of developing markets in Scotland and we are looking forward to applying this experience across England and Wales.”

The Draft Bill also proposes new measures to encourage greater connectivity between water companies, an area in which Water UK is already leading the way.

Ms Taylor continued:

“Water is our most precious resource and we have a responsibility to manage and conserve it. By working together across the water sector, we can ensure that we can respond quickly and effectively to the challenges of greater consumer demand and climate change. We have already begun this work and we are looking forward to working with the government, with regulators and with stakeholders to develop these proposals further.”

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Fri 29 Aug 2014, 13:00