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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Developing a framework for Scotlandís water


Water UK's 'Sustainability Scotland' conference last month provided a forum to debate the countryís long-term water needs.

Scotlandís industrial, social and environmental infrastructure depends on sustainable water resources.
The conference, in co-operation with the Scottish Executiveís Environment and Rural Affairs Department, brought together senior stakeholders and leading industry figures to consider consumer relations, future financing, water for health and the impact of UK and European legislation on Scotlandís water environment.
In a keynote introduction Chief Executive Pamela Taylor said:
"Water UK wants this conference to be an opportunity for Scotland to debate the part water plays and could play in the lives of its communities. Weíre going to look hard at the future and Iím confident weíll come up with some new ways of making sure that the countryís most basic resource contributes as fully as possible to our economic, environmental and social well-being."
Find out if it worked. The outputs of the conference are collected in a report 'Sustainability Scotland' (pdf)
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