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Westminster adjournment debate


Have MPs and constituents been more vocal about the mis-named 'rain tax' on churches and scout huts? Or about the inequity of water bills in the South West? It's a close run thing.

No less than three adjournment debates have been introduced by MPs from the South West this year - most recently by Richard Younger Ross, the Liberal Democrat Member for Teignbridge (12 October 2009).

He pressed the case for constituents unhappy that they have to meet the cost of maintaining the region's beaches, which are a national asset.

Anna Walker's final report on household charging and metering - due out next month - will consider this persistant political concern among other awkward issues. And South West MPs are promised a meeting with Ministers.

Shadow DEFRA Secretary of State, Nick Herbert MP is also 'reviewing the options'.

Watch this space for progress.

Walker Review: Water UK response

Contact: Dawn Waterman

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