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No time to lose after Copenhagen


The consequences of the failure to agree a meaningful climate treaty in Copenhagen will be felt far and wide.

Water UK was among those hoping for more than the Accord finally agreed. Businesses need certainty in order to plan appropriately for the future.

Nations must come together and take a view on the scale of likely climate change impacts that we and future generations are willing to accept, and the emission reduction targets needed. Until then, people and businesses all over the world will find it hard, despite best intentions, to plan for and invest in reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to the consequences of climate change.

It's not too late. There is at least a base to build on and no shortage of ambition. World leaders are already talking up the prospects of further commitments over the next few months and agreeing an ambitious and binding treaty during 2010. Our leaders have a duty to ensure that no more time is lost.

Copenhagen Accord

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Thu 31 Jul 2014, 20:34