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Water Industry Specifications

Water Industry Specifications
& Information and Guidance Notes

Current Water Industry Specifications (WISs) and Information and Guidance Notes (IGNs) are managed by Water UK and available here. Select categories on right for current documents.

Water Industry Specifications (WISs)

Water Industry Specifications (WISs) are prepared by the UK water industry for the specification and purchase of products used in the industry. They generally cover products for which there is no suitable European or British standard.

Information & Guidance Notes (IGNs)

Information & Guidance Notes (IGNs) are used to provide additional guidance to a WIS or provide interpretation and additional information to European or British standards.

Water UK Standards Board

The content of this website is managed by the Board as a part of the Water UK Standards Programme, which works towards water industry objectives for input to International, European and British standards.

WIS/IGN SupportFrom Water UK
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