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Water Industry Specifications
& Information and Guidance Notes

Current Water Industry Specifications (WISs) and Information and Guidance Notes (IGNs) are listed below. Scroll to view or download. Select categories on right for other current documents.

Current documents: Plastics and RubbersTotal documents: 23

Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-O) pressure pipes for underground useType: WIS
Code: 4-31-08
Issue: January 2001
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-31-08.pdf

PE pipes for sewer linings (non-pressure applications)Type: WIS
Code: 4-32-05
Issue: April 1986
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-32-05.pdf

Fusion jointing of polyethylene pressure pipeline systems using PE80 and PE100 materialsType: WIS
Code: 4-32-08
Issue: Current
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-32-08.pdf

Thermoplastic end load resistant mechanical fittings for polyethylene pipes of nominal sizeType: WIS
Code: 4-32-11
Issue: July 1998
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-32-11.pdf

Butt fusion jointing machinesType: WIS
Code: 4-32-16
Issue: January 1998
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-32-16.pdf

The choice of pressure ratings for polyethylene pipe systems for water supply and sewerage dutiesType: IGN
Code: 4-32-18
Issue: March 2003
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-32-18.pdf

Polyethylene pressure pipe systems with an aluminium barrier layer for potable water supply in contaminated landType: WIS
Code: 4-32-19
Issue: November 2011
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-32-19.pdf

GRP (glassfibre reinforced plastics) sewer liningsType: WIS
Code: 4-34-02
Issue: April 1986
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-34-02.pdf

Polyester resin concrete (PRC) sewer liningsType: WIS
Code: 4-34-05
Issue: April 1986
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-34-05.pdf

Specification for localised sewer repairs using cured-in-place systems with or without re-roundingType: WIS
Code: 4-34-06
Issue: August 2010
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-34-06.pdf
Specification for thermoplastics structured wall pipe - supplementary test requirementsType: WIS
Code: 4-35-01
Issue: 2
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-35-01 v2.pdf

Boundary boxes for the metering and control of domestic and small industrial water servicesType: WIS
Code: 4-37-01
Issue: November 1990
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-37-01.pdf

Boundary boxes for the metering and control of domestic and small industrial water services (Amendment)Type: WIS
Code: 4-37-01A
Issue: October 1993
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-37-01 Amendment.pdf

Design against surge and fatigue conditions for thermoplastic pipesType: IGN
Code: 4-37-02
Issue: March 1999
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-37-02.pdf

Type A flexible couplings for gravity sewerage and drainage pipesType: WIS
Code: 4-41-01
Issue: February 1993
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-41-01.pdf

Operating guidelines for the use of site, factory and reinforced applied polyethylene sleeving on ductile iron pipelinesType: IGN
Code: 4-50-03
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-50-03.pdf

Polymeric anti-corrosion (Barrier) coatingsType: WIS
Code: 4-52-01
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-52-01.pdf

Polymeric anti-corrosion (Barrier) coatings (Amendment)Type: WIS
Code: 4-52-01A
Issue: August 1994
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-52-01 amendment.pdf

The use of polymeric anti-corrosion (Barrier) coatingsType: IGN
Code: 4-52-02
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-52-02.pdf

Anti-corrosion coatings on threaded fastenersType: WIS
Code: 4-52-03
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-52-03.pdf

Anti-corrosion coatings on threaded fasteners (Amendment)Type: WIS
Code: 4-52-03A
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-52-03 Amendment.pdf

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