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Water Industry Specifications
& Information and Guidance Notes

Current Water Industry Specifications (WISs) and Information and Guidance Notes (IGNs) are listed below. Scroll to view or download. Select categories on right for other current documents.

Current documents: MetalsTotal documents: 8

Ductile iron pipesType: IGN
Code: 4-21-01
Issue: July 1994
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-21-01.pdf

Mechanical couplings and repair clamps for iron pipes for the conveyance of cold potable water (underground use) for the size range 40 to 1600mmType: WIS
Code: 4-21-02
Issue: October 1994
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-21-02.pdf

Ferrules (tapping tees) and ferrule straps for underground useType: WIS
Code: 4-22-02
Issue: March 1991
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-22-02.pdf

Underground stop valve including spherical valves for nominal sizes up to and including 63 and nominal pressures of 10 bar
Type: WIS
Code: 4-23-04
Issue: March 1991
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-23-04.pdf

Mechanical fittings and joints for polyethylene pipes for nominal sizes 90 to 1000Type: WIS
Code: 4-24-01
Issue: July 1998
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-24-01.pdf

Use of steel tanks in the water industryType: WIS
Code: 4-25-01
Issue: October 1999
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-25-01.pdf

Applications for stainless steel in the water industryType: IGN
Code: 4-25-02
Issue: January 1999
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-25-02.pdf

External zinc coating of ductile iron pipeType: IGN
Code: 4-51-01
Issue: June 1984
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-51-01.pdf

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