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Water Industry Specifications
& Information and Guidance Notes

Current Water Industry Specifications (WISs) and Information and Guidance Notes (IGNs) are listed below. Scroll to view or download. Select categories on right for other current documents.

Current documents: Clay and ConcreteTotal documents:7

Vitrified clay pipes and fittingsType: IGN
Code: 4-11-01
Issue: February 1984
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-11-01.pdf

Revised bedding factors for vitrified clay drains and sewersType: IGN
Code: 4-11-02
Issue: February 1988
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-11-02.pdf

Precast concrete pipes - unreinforced and reinforcedType: IGN
Code: 4-12-01
Issue: March 1991
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-12-01.pdf

GRC (glassfibre reinforced cement) sewer liningsType: WIS
Code: 4-12-04
Issue: April 1986
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-12-04.pdf

Precast gunite sewer liningType: WIS
Code: 4-12-05
Issue: April 1986
Status: Current
Document: IGN 4-12-05.pdf

Precast and insitu ferrocementType: WIS
Code: 4-12-06
Issue: January 1990
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-12-06.pdf

Blast furnace slag cement for in-situ lining of water mainsType: WIS
Code: 4-13-01
Issue: March 1991
Status: Current
Document: WIS 4-13-01.pdf

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