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Working on behalf of the water industry towards a sustainable future

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Partnerships for sustainable water policy


IWEX Conference, Birmingham, 1 May 2007

Its no exaggeration to say that the water industry is passionate about sustainability. And its easy to see why.

Water companies cant focus just on consumers or just on investors or just on the environment. If we tried to meet the needs of these different stakeholders separately we would be doomed to failure.

We must have an integrated picture of where were going. For example well never minimise the importance of protecting and enhancing the environment. But we must, and will, see green issues in a broad perspective.

Today I want to show how sustainability demands working partnerships it just wont happen without collaboration.

Then Ill look at the importance of regulation in creating the conditions in which partnerships can flourish. Were probably the most tightly regulated sector of all so regulators have a crucial part to play.

Finally Ill give you some examples of how were putting partnership into practice in the framework of Water UKs long-term vision for the industry...

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